“I bought mods from beamngtv.com. I paid with PayPall and sent the E-mail. In 15 minutes I had mod and am very happy :smiley:” ~ GamerGuyBeamNGYT in our Discord

BeamNG.drive Mod – BeamNG.TV Skins Pack

BeamNG.Drive private mod – The BeamNG.TV Skins Pack. By making this purchase you agree you will not share this mod with anyone. If done so you will have a very big chance of being banned from multiple communities including this one. If you do not keep this rule you will be reported. This is how it works: You make the purchase and send us a message through Discord or email (beamngtvwebsite@gmail.com) with the name of your paypall account. Within 11 hours you will have your mod. If not, you’ll get your money back, get the mod you bought and another mod of choise. Please do note that these vehicles may not be the same quality as the devs’s material. Mod Credits: MilanKD



You can also get these skins seperate, message either MilanKD or ShowMik on the Discord!